Station Info

2000 BART Way / Fremont, CA 94536

Fremont Station is on the southernmost end of BART's Fremont line. It's an important regional transfer point for service to AC Transit and VTA.

Lines Serving this Station

  • Richmond to/from Fremont
  • Daly City to/from Fremont

Real Time Departures

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Parking is available at Fremont Station and there's a $3 daily fee. Other options include Monthly Reserved, Single Day Reserved, Extended Weekend, Carpool and Long Term/Airport parking. Check out the parking section for details about each program.

Map of parking locations

Estimated Parking Fill Time: 6:30 AM


Bike Racks: Yes
Bike racks are available at most BART stations. Please review the BART Bike Rules.

Bike Station: None

Bike Lockers: 76 shared use electronic lockers are located at this station. Read more about electronic lockers.

Connecting Transit Routes

This station is served by AC Transit and VTA.

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Elevator Locations / Accessible Path

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